Jose Raymond

Caring for our Community

Award-winning journalist. Senior public servant and non-profit leader. A policy thinker whose life has revolved around serving the community through various roles and multiple avenues. 

A Vision For The Future




C = Compassion, Care, Collaboration

A = Accountability

R = Respect

E = Empathy

It does not matter whether we are Chinese, Malay, Indians or others. We are one, and we are all Singaporeans. (Jose Raymond is fourth from right, and the photo was taken at the Bedok Stadium in 1982.)

Your Voice, Your Friend

 Manifesto for Potong Pasir

A Humbling Childhood

On his birthday on 22 December 1984, Jose Raymond’s father brought him to the Westlake Secondary School to wait for the results of the electoral division of Potong Pasir. In that year, Mr Chiam See Tong won a seat in Parliament as Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir.

In 1988 during the General Elections, Jose Raymond helped his father who had become a volunteer for Mr Chiam, to distribute manifestos in Potong Pasir.

In 1990, when Jose’s family lost their home due to financial issues, they had to downgrade to a smaller home. However, they could not afford to pay the deposit, and it was Mr Chiam who helped with the payment.

 Jose, who was only 18-years-old at the time, was in Mr Chiam’s office with his father when Mr Chiam signed on the cheque and gave it to his father, just so they could have a roof over their heads.

In late 2017, Jose joined the Singapore People’s Party to help pay it forward, and to help change as many lives as possible.

Why support Potong Pasir ‘Hosay’?

Because Jose Raymond CARES.

He cares for people and uses his skills and networks to help as many people as possible. Since being active on the ground, he has helped many families personally.

Whether it is with jobs, or with legal help, or with a befriender’s programme for the elderly, there has been effort made to understand the needs of the community.

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